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Lee Kuan Yew is dead

By: roddy
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Lee Kuan Yew is dead

One of the world's greatest men has died. Not only did he lead Singapore to independence he also created one of the world's best economies with very few resources other than people, an incredibly high intellect personally, and geographical location.

For those who espouse the ideal of independence in Scotland, he is also significant. Alex Salmond, prior to the Recession, used to hold up the Republic of Ireland as the model to follow. In many ways they still are - inspite of their woes. What is less well known, is that the "Celtic Tiger" is reputed to have spent considerable resources studying the Singaporean model and then applying it in Ireland.

The idea of low Corporation Tax, to attract in businesses (which transformed Ireland), reputedly came from Singapore. It is a policy which has been in the SNP manifesto for many years now. If Scotland was free to implement this and other policies which Lee Kuan Yew's government introduced, then, in conjunction with our other assets and resources, Scotland would become one of the richest countries in the world per capita.

Lee Kuan Yew was also my ex-wife's uncle.

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