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Gold in the Scottish Highlands

By roddy, 2015-05-22
Gold in the Scottish Highlands

I have just added two videos about gold deposits in Northern Ireland. The point is that the same geological formation as the one in Northern Ireland, where the indications are that there are billions of pounds of gold, runs right across the highlands of Scotland and they are now finding significant amounts of gold in Aberdeenshire in the same rock strata. The potential is even bigger than the current finds in Scotland, which are estimated to equal those of Northern Ireland. This could just be the tip of the iceberg. I have already uploaded some newspaper articles on the same subject.

YouGov Scottish seat predictions

By roddy, 2015-04-13
YouGov Scottish seat predictions

This is the most incredible turn of events and the lead is getting larger.

Change of venue for the YESNP rally on the 18th April

After a succession of "blocks" by authorities not wanting this rally to happen, the organisers have prevailed. This rally will be taking place at the Radical Road. There is free parking around the venue and capacity for hundreds of people. There will be SNP candidates speaking as well as a variety of acts (comedy, dancing and much more). It starts at 1.00pm and ends at 5.00pm

THE TIME AND LOCATION HAVE CHANGED. Originally, this event was going to be held at the Parliament in Edinburgh. They pulled the rug. Then opposite the Ocean Terminal in Leith, they too pulled the rug. It will now be taking place at the "Radical Road". - See more at:

This rally THE TIME AND LOCATION HAVE CHANGED. Originally, this event was going to be held at the Parliament in Edinburgh. They pulled the rug. Then opposite the Ocean Terminal in Leith, they too pulled the rug. It will now be taking place at the "Radical Road". - See more at:

Lee Kuan Yew is dead

By roddy, 2015-03-27
Lee Kuan Yew is dead

One of the world's greatest men has died. Not only did he lead Singapore to independence he also created one of the world's best economies with very few resources other than people, an incredibly high intellect personally, and geographical location.

For those who espouse the ideal of independence in Scotland, he is also significant. Alex Salmond, prior to the Recession, used to hold up the Republic of Ireland as the model to follow. In many ways they still are - inspite of their woes. What is less well known, is that the "Celtic Tiger" is reputed to have spent considerable resources studying the Singaporean model and then applying it in Ireland.

The idea of low Corporation Tax, to attract in businesses (which transformed Ireland), reputedly came from Singapore. It is a policy which has been in the SNP manifesto for many years now. If Scotland was free to implement this and other policies which Lee Kuan Yew's government introduced, then, in conjunction with our other assets and resources, Scotland would become one of the richest countries in the world per capita.

Lee Kuan Yew was also my ex-wife's uncle.

Crude Oil update

By roddy, 2015-02-07
Crude Oil update

I said in a blog on the 18th January, that the word from people in the North Sea was that they were upbeat about the oil situation. Perhaps they were right - it is too early to tell. The low oil prices brought Russia and Iran to their knees (and out-priced the fracking oil).  The flip side of the coin for Saudi Arabia is that Venezuela and other OPEC countries would suffer. For Saudi Arabia this must be a delicate ballancing act. The fracking industry is not (yet) extinguished but Saudi's market share should have been restored in part atleast. They have also shown the world that they are capable of shutting down such industries as fracking (in America and the rest of the world) if they want to.

There are actually so many factors going on here that it is hard to predict where the price will go. Saudi may not want to return oil prices to their previous highs for a while but, will need to ease the problems which the low prices are causing the other OPEC countries.

Candidates for Edinburgh South West

We are incredibly fortunate that so many new candidates - many of them extremely able - have come to the fore in the run-up to the General Election. The calibre and ability is amazing.

If anyone in Edinburgh South West is undecided about who should be selected as the candidate, the answer is that there is a range of good people to choose from. I have to say, that in my view, something which is important, is knowledge of what the different parties have done, how they have voted etc. is one of the greatest tools for responding to a cutting remark by  an opposing politician is to be able to pull out their skeletons.

For my "money", Simon Hayter is certainly someone who would be an able parliamentarian. He has been active in the SNP for about a decade and has worked in Holyrood. If you want to know more, then have a look at his website:


By roddy, 2015-01-22

Hi everyone, it is great to see so many people on the website right now. Just a small point, I would welcome articles if you have any. Sign up - it is free to do so and commits you to nothing! The more information there is here and the more that people know about the site, the more it will help to defeat lies.

On a different note, if anyone wants me to come and speak at any time, just let me know. I am here to serve the cause.

Kind regards,


Crude Oil Prices

By roddy, 2015-01-18
Crude Oil Prices

As you know, the price of crude oil has been dropping over the last few months and a week ago the price of Brent crude fell below $50 per barrel. The word is that OPEC deliberately flooded the market (no pun intended), to damage the Russian economy, which reputedly needs a price in excess of $100 per barrel to function. In other words, the present price level is as much a product of the control of output of oil production as the normal much higher price is.

The point is this, oil producing nations would obviously far prefer to sell oil at over $100 per barrel than at $50 per barrel, therefore, it is only a matter of time before the output gets throttled back, so that the price of crude oil rises significantly again.

Clearly, if the current price continues, then there will be many job losses in the Scottish oil industry and exploration will also be affected. This is not a problem which would just affect Scotland (or Russia), the impact of low oil prices would be felt globally.

The word is that people working in the Scottish oil industry are upbeat about the fact that the price of crude oil is going to change - and change soon. So much so, that they are telling friends to buy shares in oil companies at the moment, because they are confident that there will be an upturn in the price of oil soon.

Please note, for legal purposes, I am not "qualified" to give advice on investments, so do not take this blog as a recommendation to invest. I am simply reporting what the mood is in the Scottish oil industry.

If the price of oil came down to show Russia that the world had the capability to damage Russia if it continues with it's policy of aquisition of territory beyond it's borders, then the message has been sent, loud and clear. In other words, we are now at a point where the term "job well done" applies.

In my opinion, the likelihood therefore, is that OPEC will slow production again in the not too distant future, so that prices will rise again.





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